Four Pool Trends That A Pool Builder Can Install For You

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Four Pool Trends That A Pool Builder Can Install For You

30 June 2022
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A pool builder can install a pool for you that fits your home, lifestyle and budget. If you are considering a new pool, there are several trends in swimming pools that you may want to discuss with your pool builder. Here are four trends that homeowners should consider when building their next pool:

1. Pool Builder Trend One: In-Ground Upgrades

The most popular change is to upgrade from an above-ground to an in-ground pool. The in-ground pool will be permanent, so it makes sense to choose the best type of installation. In addition, many people are choosing fibreglass or vinyl liners instead of concrete. This offers more flexibility in design and maintenance. You can even choose between saltwater or chlorine systems for cleaning the water.

2. Pool Builder Trend Two: Zero Entry Pools

A zero-entry walk-in swimming pool adds safety for children as well as adults with disabilities who may need assistance getting into the water safely without risk of injury from stepping up onto a diving board or ladder at the edge of a pool (which could be slippery due to wet feet). This type of swimming pool also makes it easier for those who may have trouble with mobility.

3. Pool Builder Trend Three: In-Ground Pools With Natural Rock Features

Natural rock features are becoming more popular in the construction of swimming pools. These features add a natural element to any pool, making them more appealing to homeowners. If you want to incorporate natural rock into your new pool, but don't have the skills or time to do it yourself, a professional contractor can help you create a beautiful look that will make your backyard stand out from all the others.

4. Pool Builder Trend Four: Artificial Turf Over Concrete Pools

Artificial turf is becoming more popular than ever before for residential pools because it is maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. Swimming pool owners who want a low-maintenance alternative can opt for artificial turf over concrete instead of traditional concrete decks or patios around their pools. Artificial turf is also much safer than concrete since children won't trip on cracks or loose pieces of concrete like they could with real grass or mulch that may accumulate around pipes or equipment under the pool's pump.

New trends in pool design and construction are constantly being developed by architects, pool builders and designers. There are many trends that a pool builder can install for you, but the above four are some of the most popular. Chat with a pool builder about designing or upgrading your pool today.