Safety Tips to Consider when Cleaning a Swimming Pool

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Safety Tips to Consider when Cleaning a Swimming Pool

15 November 2021
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A swimming pool is a significant investment, and the last thing you want is for its constituent parts to wear out and break down due to poor maintenance. Regular cleaning is part of the maintenance that pool owners should never skimp. When cleaning a swimming pool, homeowners should follow safety precautions to prevent accidents and damage. Unfortunately, safety becomes an afterthought for some homeowners the moment they begin the cleaning process. This article highlights safety strategies to observe when cleaning a swimming pool.

Keep Extension Cords Far Away

In the past, pool cleaning was a manual task since you had to get down on your knees to scrub away scum and other stubborn debris. Notably, it was a tiring and frustrating process, which is why most homeowners hired pool cleaning contractors. Today, pool cleaning has become much easier, thanks to robotic pool cleaners. As their name implies, robotic cleaners are automated machines that move underwater, scrubbing away all manner of dirt. However, since robotic cleaners use electricity, you should never allow extension cords near a swimming pool. Unfortunately, some people ignore the warning and move an extension cord close so that a robotic cleaner can go further. However, it only increases the chances of an extension cord falling into a swimming pool and causing severe damage to a robotic pool cleaner. The resulting electric shot could also start a fire on your property. Therefore, buy a robotic cleaner with a long cord so that the cable stays a safe distance from a pool.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Cleaning a swimming pool should not centre on the basin only. It is vital to clean the floor around a pool. Notably, the floor around a swimming pool often gets wet; hence, mould and algae can grow if you do not clean the area regularly. Since you will be using detergents to clean the floor, you should wear appropriate shoes to prevent slipping and injuries. Even if the paving around your home has a high friction coefficient, detergents will make it very slippery. If you have children around, keep them inside the house until you are done cleaning.

Handle Pool Chemicals in the Open

While pool chemicals are safe when mixed with water, you should be careful during the mixing process. That's because you put your health at risk by inhaling the chemicals. Notably, you should always mix swimming pool chemicals in a well-ventilated area. Besides, you should only mix the chemicals on a calm day to prevent the powder from being blown into your face or house. That said, you can wear a face mask and protective clothing to keep you safe when mixing pool chemicals, even in the open.

For more information, contact a swimming pool cleaning service.