Infinity Pools for Commercial and Residential Use

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Infinity Pools for Commercial and Residential Use

30 June 2020
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An infinity pool is a pool built mostly for its aesthetic features. Pool water usually overflows from either one or all sides of the pool, which makes it seem as though there is no wall on the side where the water is overflowing. Such a pool needs to be built by professional infinity pool builders and designers so that the side the water is overflowing from gives off an amazing aesthetic appearance.

You can either install such a pool for commercial or residential use. However, if you are installing it for residential use, know it might cost more than the standard pool in initial and maintenance fees.

Why Is an Infinity Pool Costlier?

The reason lies within its working and how it is built. An infinity pool is built with two levels; the top level is where you swim, while the lower level is where the water from the pool overflows to and then pumped back to the first level. When compared to a standard pool that only has one level, you can see that an infinity pool has a complex design.

The infinity pool might also require higher maintenance because of the two levels, meaning additional expenses. That is why most infinity pools may be found in commercial settings. They tend to attract customers because of their aesthetics. The customers bring income to the owner of the establishment where the infinity pool is located. That way, the infinity pool can pay for its maintenance.

If you want the infinity pool for your residential property, you should ensure that you are in a good financial position to afford and maintain the infinity pool without breaking a sweat.

Clearing Up a Misconception

Since many infinity pools are installed on high ground to capture the horizon, many people think they are unsafe because the water seems to be pouring from the edge. This is not the case; there is a wall on that side that you can't easily fall over.

Infinity Pool Installation

The first thing you need to do is contact an infinity pool company because the location of the pool needs to be chosen professionally. Remember, the infinity pool design is aesthetical and the side where the pool water overflows needs to give off a blending effect with the surrounding or horizon. Time may be spent during this stage to get the best position that makes both you and your customers appreciate the pool.

After a suitable position is chosen, the infinity pool layout is drawn to scale and then the infinity pool builders get to work. The building work duration depends on the size of the pool and the complexity in the design.

For more information, contact an infinity pool builder.