The Available Ranges of Glass Pool Fences

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The Available Ranges of Glass Pool Fences

17 September 2017
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Pool fencing is something which is becoming almost mandatory in every constructed pool. The fence is intended to keep all the intruders outside while at the same time offer added protection to the insiders. For example, the barrier may be used to keep little children away from the pool, therefore, preventing any cases of drowning. When selecting a fence for your swimming pool, it is important to make sure that your selection is entirely compliant with the NSW regulations. The regulation borders on height, gating mechanisms as well as the spacing between the fences. From all these, it is quite clear that homeowners require fencing in their pool areas. However, to keep the fun and maintain the beauty, many consider glass pool fencing. This protects the pool while at the same time offering an unobstructed view. The available ranges of glass pool fences include the fully frameless and semi-frameless pool fencing systems:

  1. Fully Frameless Glass Fencing System – From the name itself, the fully frameless fences do not come with any frames to hold the system together. The barrier system is only made from glass which protects the pool as well as those around it. The glass fence offers both beauty and a high-class look for the entire pool area and the surface surrounding. The system also comes with a toughened safety glass intended to give the pool owner years of service and maximum durability. The glass fencing system is easy to install and maintain. Also, the fully frameless glass system requires little effort to clean. They also meet all the relevant safety standards as well as the required government regulations. Another installation feature about the fully frameless system is that it has an entirely hidden fence fixing order to offer the swimming pool a seamless look
  2. Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing System – The semi-frameless fencing system comes along with stainless steel posts that give the entire fence a designer finish. The post frames can either be installed on the surface or in the ground according to the requirements of the homeowner. The barrier also adds a modern look to the pool while at the same time protecting it from unwanted entry. The design is also cost effective for those looking to save some money while still searching for durability and service. The fence is also simple to install and maintain while at the same time meeting all the safety standards and government regulations. Even with the added frames, the fence still gives an uninterrupted view of the pool area adding to beauty and elegance