Five Accessories You Need If You Share Your Pool With Your Dog

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Five Accessories You Need If You Share Your Pool With Your Dog

4 August 2016
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If your dog loves to swim, you can make the pool safe for him by keeping the chlorine levels relatively low. However, to deal with his dirt and hair in the pool, you may want a few extra supplies. Here are some pool accessories that can help if you love to swim with Fido:

1. Skimmer Socks 

The skimmer baskets sits in the drain of your pool collecting debris from the pump and filter. If you let your dog swim on a regular basis, the skimmer basket is going to become full of hair. You have to clean this to prevent clogs that may make the pool's filtration system stop working. To make cleaning the skimmer easier, invest in skimmer socks.

These are essentially mesh rubbish bags that you place in the skimmer basket. Instead of cleaning the basket, you simply lift out the skimmer sock, throw it away and replace it with a new one.

2. Solar Powered Filter

The more people who swim in your pool, the more filtration you need, and this is especially exacerbated when you have a large hairy dog swimming in your pool. To lift some of the burden from your pool's existing filtration system, consider investing in a solar powered filter. These filters don't need to be installed. Rather, they float along the surface of your pool, gathering sunlight for power and using it to clean your pool.

3. Tennis Ball

That ball you throw into the pool for your pup to fetch can also work as a filter. If you let a tennis ball float in the water, its material will absorb body oils in the water, including your dogs. To boost the efficacy  of this tool, buy a few tennis balls, and replace the one you leave in the water as it gets full of dog slobber and other issues.

4. Electronic Cover

So that you can control when your pup jumps in the water, make sure that you have an electronic cover. That way you can stop your dog from jumping in the water. Alternatively, you can use an invisible fence around your pool to deter your dog in addition to the physical fence around your pool.

5. Dog Brush

Finally, if you want to keep the pool clean, you should keep your dog clean. Before he swims, remove loose hairs by brushing his coat thoroughly. Then, he is less likely to lose the hair in the pool.