How to Protect Your Custom Designer Pool

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How to Protect Your Custom Designer Pool

3 December 2015
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Many property owners wish to have unique residences and are constantly thinking of ways to turn such dreams into reality. One of the most renowned ways to customize your property is to have a custom designer pool in your yard. Despite the elegance and fun that comes with custom design pools, pool safety is an important consideration for all property owners. In this regard, here are three safety measures at your disposal to help you with pool safety.

A permanent pool fence

A permanent fence around your custom designer pool provides the ultimate physical barrier as it totally seals off the swimming pool from the rest of the property. Actually, a permanent pool fence is the most significant backup you may put in place to uninterrupted supervision of your kids adjacent to the pool. Whenever you are out of the house, you can allow your kids to play in the backyard because you are able to lock the pool fence gate to prevent your kids from accessing the pool water. What's more, most jurisdictions stipulate permanent fences around swimming pools at residences with young kids. The downside of a permanent fence is that it hinders the view and the ironwork may suffer rust, thus requiring replacement. As a result, aluminum pool fences are largely preferred because they don't rust.

A removable pool fence

A removable pool fence provides an alternative means to install a physical barrier around the pool given that it seals off the pool; however, it can be removed if need be. Most removable pool fences consist of vinyl posts along with mesh transparent gates. This type of fencing satisfies the safety standards, can be removed when necessary and doesn't block one's view. The only downside is that it is subject to human error when not installed properly and that's why you always need a professional installer to do the work.

Pool cover

Basically, pool covers act like a protective layer on top of the pool water. As a result, they provide an important physical barrier to keep kids from drowning into the pool water as well as prevent all manner of debris from infiltrating the pool water. Moreover, they prevent water evaporation and alleviates chemical usage because the pool water is kept clean from pollutants. Furthermore, the cover helps to extend your swim season by keeping the pool water warm and nice. Unlike the permanent pool fence, pool covers don't impede your focus on the backyard surrounding the pool. Pool covers come in various types, including plastic, mesh and vinyl covers. Generally, pool covers require plenty of maintenance and upkeep.

With all the cash spent on a custom designer pool, it only makes sense to go ahead and protect your pool with any of the abovementioned safety measures.