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Wondering if your pool needs a new liner? Wanting to learn how to do repairs on your own? Have a question about designing a pool for a small space? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I want to help. Hi, my name is Maria, and I have been a long-time pool owner. I love to write so decided to start this blog. When I'm not swimming or relaxing at the side of our pool, you can usually find me working. I have a small boutique where I curate all of the outfits and sell some of my own jewelry designs. When it comes to relaxing, I love working out and occasionally reading a romance novel -- it's my guilty pleasure. I hope you enjoy this blog.


Essential Spa Maintenance Tips for First Time Owners

14 July 2023
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Adding a spa to your garden is a great way to achieve a personal retreat at home. However, like all high-end products, a spa does require maintenance to keep functioning. When you're a first-time spa owner, spa maintenance might feel a little daunting. Familiarising yourself with the basics of what to do can make your task feel more manageable.  Clean it Regularly The cornerstone of any spa maintenance regime is to clean your tub regularly. Read More …