How to Keep Leaves out of Your Pool

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How to Keep Leaves out of Your Pool

11 December 2015
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Having a pool in your own back garden is a huge privilege, but when the water keeps getting filled with leaves, it can feel like a burden as well as a luxury. After all, you don't want to head into your garden for a swim each morning and experience mouthfuls of leaves as you bob your head under the water. Keeping leaves out of the pool is an essential part of pool maintenance, but what can you actually do to make sure your water stays clean and leaf free?

Replant your garden. Although this point is somewhat obvious, many people think that it's too much work. But actually taking a few weeks to replant your garden is far less arduous that taking leaves out of the pool every single day. It's totally possible to live in a leaf free garden, you simply have to choose shrubs that are evergreen and therefore don't shed their leaves. Big trees are the things to avoid, as they will spread leaves over your garden from a great height, and many are sure to end up in your pool.

Purchase a leaf trap. If the idea of standing at the edge of your pool using a net to scoop out leaves doesn't sound like a fun time to you, it's time to invest in a leaf trap. This is an essential piece of kit for any pool owner. It will connect to the pool vacuum head and will suck any unfortunate leaf into a bag attached to the leaf trap. You can then empty out the trapped leaves to make compost.

Cover your pool. It's important that you cover your pool overnight when you aren't using it for many reasons, not least because it will stop leaves from falling in the pool when there is nobody there to fish them out with a net, and this is particularly important if you like to swim in the morning in a clean pool. A pool cover will also insulate your pool so your morning dip isn't freezing cold.

Use a pump driven cleaner. There is one final piece of leaf cleaning equipment that you should know about, and it attaches to and is powered by your pool pump. When the cleaner is running, it crawls along the bottom and sides of the pool and picks out any leaves or other debris and sucks it into a container. Again, this is something you could run overnight, so your pool is perfectly clean for use in the morning. 

For more information and ideas, contact a local swimming pool maintenance company.